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We are here to serve you with love, dignity, and respect.  Through our programs we provide help with food and household needs of our community.
Many Thanks!!!!
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Every thoughtful action done in love, is a seed for change and restoration.
In Loving Memory Of 
Kathy Anderson
“…“ “Thank you very much to Kathy's Family Services and anyone who helped donate food and gift card to my family! I appreciate it very much! It means a lot to me to have caring people out there that are willing to help. Can't wait till I can help someone else in return. Thanks again!”
Megan Kurtz

“just wanna say thank u to u guys for helping me i really appreciated everything”.

Tammy Kennedy

“Kathy's Kitchen was a blessing to a family whom I am very close with - this family moved into a place with absolutely NOTHING! With the help of Kathy's Kitchen and numerous other individuals, they finally have a place to call home. Thank you for helping them in a time of need - and God Bless you!!! “

"I wanted to take the time out and thank this wonderful lady, she was such a helping hand, I had started the #LoveLancter21 challenge and I began to learn about an elderly lady, who was in need but satisfied about what she had, so I was given Jackie Gerlitzki name and inbox her over facebook, and she did not waste no time helping me. The elderly lady love her coat and scarf....I just wanted to thank you again.

Kathy's Family Services
 Call us: 717-208-2307
Current Needs In The Community

"We are in need of Grocery gift cards, Non-perishable food items, Clothes in all sizes"
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